Leçon 1: La prononciation

Are you excited about your first lesson? Great, me too! Let’s start with pronunciation basics. French is not the easiest language when it comes to pronunciation and reading, because what you see is very often not what you hear.

The textbook used in this lesson is “Easy French Step-by-Step” by Myrna Bell Rochester. To help you with pronunciation I have included audio files after each section. Try to practice by repeating or shadowing my voice several times.

Aujourd’hui on va apprendre à prononcer:

  • les voyelles (vowels)
  • les semi-consonants (semi-vowels)
  • les voyelles nasales (nasal vowels)
  • les consonnes (consonants)









Je pense qu’il est temps de faire les présentations, qu’en dites-vous mes petits choux? Après vous être entrainés plusieurs fois, essayer sans regarder la feuille!